After delivery we will measure and provide feedback from your staff to enable continuous improvements so your company can remain an efficient and effective organization. 

We also assign a dedicated management engineer to support and communicate with you throughout the entire process, ensuring the final intervention meets your business goals and requirements. 

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The Process

We arrange a preliminary consultation meeting so you can give us a brief of the issues and specific outcomes you have in mind to establish scope. 

We then undertake an initial diagnostics and technical scoping such as a Learning Needs Analysis or Workforce and Systems Analysis to understand your particular challenges, ensuring this fits with your overall corporate strategy and commercial goals. 

Our team of associates work with you to design an intervention in the format most suited to your needs, budget and level of staff.  

We deliver the intervention at a convenient venue and at an agreed time to suit your organizational needs. 

​​​​​​Our Approach​

Our approach is designed to obtain thorough understanding of your organization so we can design programmes and OD solutions that meet your business challenges.

You also have the option to select ready-made content from several subjects, which also allows your staff to gain the right knowledge and skills to do their job more effectively.

​We can deliver at your premises to reduce costs and save time, or hold the training and interventions at an external venue of your choice.

We use the IPP Learning model - by working closely with you from the outset we deliver high quality learning and skills output, and OD interventions based on your needs and expectations, on budget and on time, with measurable difference to your performance and profitability.