Brenda Chiremba (Founder of IPP Learning) is an OD and Change Consultant specialising in leading change projects in complex organizations across multiple sectors, including the NHS. Brenda has a Masters' degree in Human Resource Management (HRM) from Greenwich University (UK) and is a chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD, UK).

She is also a registered nurse and holds a BSc degree in Nursing (Surrey University, UK), and Critical Care (Brighton University, UK). 

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About Us

MBTI and leadership

Brenda is a qualified MBTI practitioner, and
 also sits on the Development Group of the London Healthcare People Management Academy (London HPMA Academy), which develops the capabilities and competencies of senior HR professionals and Directors across London's healthcare sector.

She is also a public speaker/ presenter and business writer and publishes online newspaper articles around 'disruptive innovation' and 'lean agile systems and processes' to manage change and complexity, and create efficiencies.

​​​​​​'Light bulb' moment

Brenda's personal ‘light bulb’ moment came in September 2013 at a London Centenary CIPD conference in realising how equipping your workforce with the right knowledge and skills and having agile systems is at the heart of organizational competitiveness and profitability, and that successful organizations never stop learning.

Having also grown up playing and watching tennis and now an accomplished salsa dancer, Brenda had always been fascinated by how the greatest sportsmen and dancers consistently produce exceptional performances, which comes from being highly competitive.

She passionately believes it is this champion mentality that improves individual and team performance, and subsequently organizational productivity and profitability.  

Career experience

Brenda is passionate about linking performance with learning and OD solutions and getting return on investment (ROI) from learning and development, and OD interventions. She designs and delivers high impact bespoke leadership and OD interventions and service improvement initiatives. Including organization design, and role and clinical redesign projects around care groups and clinical systems internationally.

Brenda was previously Head of Education & Training at a large organization in the UK, specialising in strategy, service transformation, change and stakeholder management, mandatory training compliance, and professional development for over 3500 staff.

In addition to working with public sector organizations, she has also worked with leading private sector companies in the UK and internationally, drawing upon her senior management experience and operational efficiency to enable meaningful culture change. She is also a registered member of the European Organization Design Forum (EODF), and therefore brings considerable training and development, design and OD experience to IPP  Learning.